Experiential Learning

Consistent with our institutional themes of access to justice and transnational law, we strive to ensure that our students develop all the necessary skills and competencies of the ethical legal professional. To this end, we offer a multitude of clinical and experiential learning opportunities for our students in the area of law and technology. This includes the collaborative social justice fellowship opportunity between Windsor Law and Spark LLP. We currently offer a yearly fellowship called the Online Civil Rights Project that addresses issues of social injustice in online environments and in emerging areas of law.

As a faculty, we are committed to our moot programs, which include our participation in the Oxford International Intellectual Property Moot that provides international and transnational law experience to participating students. In addition, special multidisciplinary experiential learning projects involving law students, business students and engineering or science students, are conducted in collaboration with the EPICentre innovation hub on campus.

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Spark LLP Social Justice fellowship

Oxford International IP Moot

International IP Clinic and Patent Drafting competition

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